business directory

Okanagan Indian Band

Arrowhead Gas & Grocery 11307 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.503.1442
Brewer Arena (Hay sales, horse boarding, clinics & events) 12434 Westside Rd RR#7 Site 8 Comp. 28 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.4049
Bushwacker Paintball Games Located on Hwy.97 2km North of Westside Rd. 3104-32nd St. Vernon V1T 5M5
t 250.542.2870, 866.466.1170 f 250.542.2874
Charlie Louis Saddlery RR#7 Westside Rd. Site 10 Comp. 12 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.545.6028
CL Logging 37 Round Lake Rd. Armstrong V0E 1B5 t 250.546.2688
Cam’s Race Trac Gas (Across from The Jammery) 7931 Hwy 97N Kelowna V4V 1T2 t 250.766.3723 f 250.260.7719
Coyote Creek Rodeo (Rodeo Stock Contract) Ted Marchand RR#7 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T7Z3 t 250.542.4646
f 250.542.4615,
Creekside Gardens Restaurant 10770 Westside Rd. 154 Parker Cove Vernon V1T7Z3 t 250.260.2654 f 250.549.1215
DDM Contract Ltd/ Dave McMillan Trucking RR#7 Site 8 Comp. 23 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.558.8818 f 250.542.5994
DJ’s Drywall #201 RR#7 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.550.6903
DJ’s Music Ranch (Disc Jockey) #201 RR#7 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 DJ Bonneau t 250.550.6903
D & L Security and Loss Prevention RR#7 Site D5 Comp. 8A Vernon V1T 7Z3 Dwayne Lawrence t 250.542.7826
Dry Creek Sign 207 Madeline Lake Rd. Armstrong V0E 1B5 Don Louis t 250.558.2975
Eagle Rock Aggregates 9541 Hwy. 97 Vernon V1H 1T5 t 250.260.3544 f 250.260.3508
Ferguson Roofing P.O.Box 1448 Vernon V1T 6N7 Brian t 250.379.2201 c 250.309.4076
First Nations Clothing Manufacturing (Specializing in Sizes 2-60, button blankets, & crests) RR#7 Westside Rd. Site.8 Comp. Co Vernon,
BC V1T 7Z3 Bonnie or Geoff Lawrence t 250.542.9860
Fred’s Teepees P.O.Box 1003 Vernon V1T 6N3 Louis or Shortie t 250.545.2684 shortie_rose_@
G & I Grader Services RR#7 Westside Rd. Site. 8 Comp.13 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Gladys Marchand t 250.545.2519
GVS Computers RR#7 Site 8 Comp.5 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Gary Van Stone t 250.260.3363 f 250.260.3330
Homelister 207 Madeline Lake Rd. Armstrong V0E 1B5 Don Louis t 250.558.2975
Inkampulux Designs (Beadwork, Regalia) 1749 Willowshore Rd. RR#7 Site 8A Comp.5A Vernon V1T 7Z3 Joan Zabotel
t 250.503.0647
JC Electric RR#7 Westside road. Site 8 Comp.9 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.779 f 250.542.6399
JML Silvicare RR#7 Site 8A Comp. B6 V1T 7Z3 John Lawrence t 250.260.5929
Jessie and Rosalie Saddleman Painting t 250.260.3606
Jimmy Bonneau Predator Control PO Box 200 Parker Cove Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.260.7801
Komasket Park Westside Road, RR#7 site8 comp20, Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.3444 f 250.542.0541
L.L. Disposal Toby t 250.545.7868 f 250.545.7805
Lawrence Fire Wood Hauling (All year round) RR#7 Site 8A Comp. D5 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Dwayne t 250.542.7826
Leo Louis Farrier Service RR#7 Westside Rd. Site 10 Comp. A0 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.545.5110
Little Kingdom Gas Bar & Grocery Westside Rd. RR#7 Site 11 Comp.11 Vernon V1T7Z3 t 250.545.2515 f 250.545.8644
Louis Estates Rodeo Arena Cecil Louis t 250.542.4527 f 250.260.4927,
Maximum One Ventures (Auto Repair) 207 Madeline Lake Rd. Armstrong VOE 1B5 t 250.309.1693
Molakira’s Dezignz (Contemporary Art/Clothing Co.) RR#7 Site 8 Comp.18 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Mollie t 250.260.3552
Akira t 250.542.8520
Mona and Vern’s Okanagan Native Crafts (Deer hides/drums, buckskin and beaded accessories) RR#7 Site 9 Comp. 36 Vernon
V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.3571
Native Courtworker #2, 3003-29th Ave., Vernon V1T 1Y9 Margaret Snow t 250.545.1264
Neehoot Grocery Box 701 Vernon, V1T 6M6 t 250.542.7131 f 250.542.8359
Neesa Authentic Beadwork RR#7 Site 11 Comp. A1 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Doris Bonneau t 250.542.2458
Newport Beach Recreational Park Box 701 Vernon V1T 6M6 t 1.866.450-9019 or 250.542.7432
Noreen’s Boutique Box 701 Vernon, V1T 6M6 t 250.542.7131 f 250.542.8359
ONEBIGTRIBE Productions and Entertainment 4109 27th Ave. Vernon V1T 2T1 Duane Marchand t 250.542.5587 or
Parker Cove Properties Ltd. #385-175 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.549.3237 f 250.549.1215 Show Homes & Sales t 250.549.4846
Predator Control (Specializing in cougar, bear and coyote) RR#7 Westside Rd. Site 8A Comp. 23 Vernon V1T7Z3 Dave & Bonnie Lawrence
t 250.542.1243
Princess House Canada Eagle 86 Spotted Eagle Dr. RR#7 Site 7 Comp.10 Vernon Jon Spotted Eagle t 250.503.4750 f 250.260.4495
Rez Management Inc. (Specializing in Indian Reserve Land Management & Development) 12415 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3
Lyle Brewer t 250.260.3536 f 250.260.3527 ,
Roundlake Treatment Centre 200 Emery Louis Rd. Armstrong V0E 1B5 t 250.546.3077 Intake 250.546.8848
Tetku Coutlee Avon Sales RR#7 Site 15A Comp. E8 Westside Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.558.5103
Tru Value Hardware Westside Rd. RR#& Site 11 Comp.11 Vernon V1T7Z3 t 250.545.2515 f 250.545.8644
Tycon Trucking RR#7 Site 15A Comp. C7 Vernon V1T 7Z3 Ron McMillan t 250.260.0686 f 250.542.5994
Westside Pro Hardware RR#7 Westside Rd. Site 9 Comp. D9 Vernon V1T 7Z3t 250.558.1512 f 250.558.1517
White Eagle RV Park 44 Shuttleworth Rd. Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.6423
Von and Mary Louis Drum Making/ Hide Tanning Instruction RR#7 Site 10 Comp.7 Vernon V1T 7Z3 t 250.542.0210

Westbank First Nation

BC General Contracting (Heavy-duty equipment) Westbank Beau t 250.470.9514, Cain c 250.470.9270
Chad Paul abcom - Aboriginal Communications Guided Tours of Okanagan Syilx in Nation Territories Offering cultural awareness
workshops, contact with service providers and business the Okanagan Nation t 250.317.1603
C-Paul Building (since 1994) We build homes, project management and journeyman carpenter, quality & reliability t 250.317.1603
D. Lawson Flooring (Contractor – Flooring Installation) 3387 Wolfe Road, Westbank t 250.768.7351
Derrickson Excavating and Construction 3300 Coyote Crest Westbank t 250.768.3023
Fintastic Fish Mounts 3566 Elk Road, Westbank t 250.768.3537
G.F. Swite Contracting (Contractor – Trucking) 1935 Nancee Way, Kelowna V1Z 3J2 t 250.769.7105
Gourds by Janine & Wildrose Native Traditions (Traditional art, performances and food) Westbank t 250.768.0414
Grizzly Wood Products (A Division of Canada Woodworks LTD.) 3522 Red Cloud Way, Westbank V4T 2G9
t 250.768.5617 f 250.768.5619 or 877.246.3666
Heartland Economics LTD. Forestry - #301-515 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna V1Z 3J2 t 250.769.4999
J & N Catering (Gatherings, Meetings & Workshops etc.) Westbank t 250.212.5713
L. Miller (DBA) Victorian Woodworks & Such 1762 Wolfe Road, Westbank V4T 2H2 t 250.768.9385
Louie’s Country Pantry (Gasoline/Fuel Service Station) 1 620 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna V1Z 2H3 t 250.769.010
Mariner’s Reef (Amusement park & concession Snack Bar)-3300 Coyote Crest, Westbank V4T 2H3 t 250.768.5141
Marsha King Studio & Beach Cabins (Artwork & Cabins along Okanagan Lake) Westbank t 250.768.7592 Pg.10
Native Clothing & Crafts (Clothing & Crafts Retail) 3622 Ridge Estates Drive, Westbank V4T 2H5 t 250.768.7961
Okanagan Water Toyz Rentals (Machinery / Equipment Rentals) 2053 Campbell Road, Kelowna t 250.769.5473
Paynton Contracting (Contractor – Gravel Trucking) 3347 Wolfe Road, Westbank V4T 2H2 t 250.768.2739
Pine Acres Home (Elderly Care Facility) 1902 Pheasant Lane, Westbank V4T 2H4 t 250.768.7676, f 250.768.3234
Purple Spirit Traditional Craft 3441 Old Okanagan Hwy, Westbank V4T 1N6 t 250.768.8538
Raf DeGuevara Trucking – (Contractor - Trucking) 1760 Eagle Court, Kelowna t 250.768.9885
Rodriguez Handcrafted Leather Goods – (Home Handicrafts) 3568 Elk Road, Westbank V4T 2H5 t 250.707.1162
SAGAcom Productions – (Muli-media Productions) C-37 610-Hwy 97, South Kelowna V1Z 3G2 t 250.862.1368
Shelter Bay Marina (2) - 2053 Campbell Road, Kelowna V1Z 1S9 t 250.769.0571
Snsooselkten Farm 1638 Old Ferry Wharf Road, Kelowna V1Z 3X3 t 250.769.5604
Southern Interior Motor Sport 3372 East Boundary Road, Westbank V4T 2H4 t 250.707.0216
Stuenx Consulting 1783 Eagle Court Westbank t 250.768.1291
Sumeeq Consulting 3251 Coyote Crest Westbank t 250.768.5244
The Trading Post 200-515 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna V1Z 3J2 t 250.769.2409
Tom Shields Painting East Boundary Road, Westbank t 250.317.3382
Tote-Em Baskets 1595B Bear Creek Road, Kelowna V1Z 3X5 t 250.864.1111(messages)
Vista Ridge Spray Wash 103-2211 Louie Drive Westbank V4T 2L7 t 250.768.1411
W.C.D.C (Quality Daycare & Instruction) 3255A Shannon Lake Road, Westbank t 250.768.4568 f 250.768.8917
WIBCO (Westbank First Nation Construction) #301-515 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna V1Z 3J2 t 250.769.4999, Ken Eng c 250.212.9000
Whispering Plants Garden (tour gardens and learn of Okanagan use of plants for food and medicines)
Westbank BC t 250.769.5604

Upper Nicola Indian Band

Crocket’s Construction & Tool Rentals David Alexander t 250.350.3310
Gold Star Chem/Dry Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning t 250.350.3369
Holmes Engraving 221 Mrs. Holmes t 250.350.3360
Homemade Pies Charleen Charlotte t 250.350.3305
JCS Tire Sales & Repair John Stewart
Lakeview Gas and Convenience Store Lois and James Blankenship t 250.315.1392
Main Stream Contracting Services Ltd. John & Nelson Jr. Stewart 250.350.3464
N’Kwala Beach RV Park Dean Tom t 250.315.0030
Nicola Beach Mary Archachan t 250.378.9546
Old Mom’s General Store Charlotte McRae 250.350.3342
Partylite Sales Agent Stacie Coutlee t 250.372.1914
PhilAnge WebCreations Phillip Manuel t 250.227.1931
Rayzor’s Custom Company (Home Renos & Repair) 3498 Saddleman Rd.
Rhyannon’s Regalias t 250.378.0910
Tupperware Sales Martha Chillihitzia t 250.378.6099
Upper Nicola Trucking PO Box 3700 Merritt V1K 1B8 t 250.350.3342
Upper Nicola Resource Development PO Box 3700 Merritt V1K 1B8 t 250.350.3342
Upper Nicola Forestry Corporation PO Box 3700 Merritt V1K 1B8 t 250.350.3342
Upper Nicola Lands & Resources (Suxwtxtem Committee) PO Box 3700 Merritt V1K 1B8 t 250.350.3342

Penticton Indian Band

Anona Kampe - Independent Beauty Consultant t 250.493.0691
Columbia Environmental Consulting Ltd. t 250.404.4229 f 250.404.4230,
Coyote Cruises 215 Riverside Drive Penticton t 250.492.2115 Pg.10
CnStarZ Productions Specializing in cultural event coordination and catering. Explore the custom cultural services provided by CnStarZ.
Chad Eneas t 250.487.4338
Dekock Stucco t 250.490.5315
Doc’s Driving Range Hwy 97 t 250.493.4653
En’owkin Centre Lot 45 Green Mountain Rd, RR#2 S-50 C-8 Penticton V2A 6J7 t 250.493.7181,
Green Forest Products t 250.487.1074
Hi Tracks t 250.497.6383
Hound Dogs t 250.497.6945
Jones Consulting t 250.490.6267
Kruger Forestry Services RR 2 Site 40 Comp 2 Penticton V2A 6J7 t 250.487.1214
Mother Earth Eco-Wear t 250.490.0563
Nak’ulamen Performance Collective Lot 45 Green Mountain Road, RR#2 site50 comp8 Penticton V2A 6J7 t 250.493.7181
f 250.493.5302,
Native Accents (Sewing & Designs) t 250.493.4806 RR 2, Site 40, Comp 2 Penticton V2A 6J7
Okanagan Amusements 175 Hwy 97 t 250.493.9125
P&E Lumber t 250.493.1050
Rainbow Productions Society RR#2 site50 comp19 Penticton V2A 6J7 t 250.770.1299 f 250.770.1299
Riding Stables Penticton t 250.490.0586
Silver Grizzly Penticton t 250.490.0686
Skaha Meadows Old Airport Road, Penticton t 250.492.7274 f 250.492.3322
Snow Mountain Market 101 Green Mountain Penticton t 250.490.0686
Super Save Gas 101 Green Mountain, Penticton t 250.493.5882
Tattoo’s By Clint George t 250.770.8104
Taz Contracting t 250.492.3306
Theytus Books Ltd Lot 45 Green Mountain Road, RR#2 site50 comp8 Penticton V2A 6J7 t 250.493.7181 f 250.493.5302
Westhills Aggregates LTD. Penticton’s only gravel pit with peach landscape rock. RR2 S80.C.6 Penticton V2A 6J7
t 250.492.2225 f 250.492.6566
Wright’s Beach Campground 4071 Skaha Lake t 250.492.7120

Lower Similkameen Indian Band

Ashnola Campground 517-7th Ave PO Box 100 Keremous V0X 1N0 t 250.499.5528 f 250.499.5538
Brushy Bottom Bed and Breakfast RR#1 site26 comp4 Chopaka Road, Cawston V0X 1C0 t 250.499.5560 f 250.499.5560
Blind Creek Creations Justin Terbasket Artist and Silversmith
Deb and Doug Crow custom woodworking – Drums, Frames, Feather and Blanket boxes, and Caskets 250.499.2067
Painted Eagle Gallery and Studio Les & Tina Louis–Paintings, Drums, Clothing, Beadwork, Cradleboards Arts & crafts t 250.499.6799
Snowy Mountain Tours RR#1 site220 comp3 Cawston V0X 1C0 t 250.809.0557 f 1 250.499.5538
Standing Rock Native Art & Gallery RR#1 Hwy 3 West, Keremous V0X 1N0 t 250.499.2261 f 250.499.2261
Theresa Snow Seamstress – Clothing, Ribbon shirts, Dance Regalia, Coats t 250.499.5095

Upper Similkameen Indian Band

Mascot Gold Mine t 888.799.8733,
Snaza’ist Interpretive Centre t 888.799.8733 f 250.292.8753,
Upper Similkameen Indian Band – Layout & Development Box 488 Princeton V0X 1W0 201 Hwy East t 250.295.3356
f 250.295.3309
Upper Similkameen Indian Band – Logging Box 488 Princeton V0X 1W0 201 Hwy East t 250.295.3356
f 250.295.3309
Upper Similkameen Indian Band – Silviculture/ Tree Planting Box 488 Princeton V0X 1W0 201 Hwy East t 250.295.3356
f 250.295.3309

Osoyoos Indian band

Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course: 37041-71st Street, PO Box 1949, Oliver VOH 1T0 t 800.656.5755 f 250.498.3635
Nk’Mip ConstructionRR#3, site 25, comp1, Oliver V0H 1T0 t 250.498.0314 f 250.498.0419
Nk’Mip Vineyards PO Box 1088 Oliver V0H 1T0 t 250.498.3552 f 250.498.2558
Nk’Mip Cellars 1400 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos V0H 1V6 t 250.495.2985 f 250.495.2986
Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre 1000 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos V0H 1V6 t 250.495.7901 f 250.495.7912
Nk’Mip Campground & RV Park 8000-45th street, Osoyoos V0H 1V6 t 250.495.7279 f 250.495.7281
Nk’Mip Gas & Convenience StoreRR#3, site 25, comp1, Oliver V0H 1T0 t 250.498.3310 f 250.498.6577
Nk’Mip Daycare Contact Karen Grieg t 250.498.3010 f 250.498.0068
Oliver Ready Mix RR#3, site 25, comp1, Oliver V0H 1T0 t 888.787.2211 f 250.498.2273
Sonora Dunes Golf Course 1300 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos V0H 1V6 t 250.495.GOLF (4653) f 250.495.4659
Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa PO Box 168, 1200 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos V0H 1V6 t 250.495.5445 or 877.313.WINE.(9463)
f 250.495.5447
Sunset Spa and Ethetics Patty Bower Proprietor 34836 97 Street RR3 S24 C23 Oliver V0H 1T0 t 250.498.8866

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
PO Box 150, Nesplelem WA 99155 t 509.634.2200