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When it comes to reaching Decision Makers, no other Business Publication does it as effectively as Business Examiner.

Connect with business in the Fraser Valley, Okanagan and on Vancouver Island...
BC's largest circulation business to business publication network reaching 67,600 business monthly.

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Movers and shakers – you’re in business and need to be in the know. For 23 years Business Examiner has kept executives up to speed on what is happening in their backyard, across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and the Okanagan area of BC. And now with an alluring array of insightful analysis, incisive commentary and engaging features in each issue, the Business Examiner will provide the business community with an informative inside look at the decisionmakers, businesses and trends that are shaping BC’s thriving economy.
From Kamloops to Osoyoos and all points in between, we will cover the local business stories and financial issues that matter to our discerning readers. There has never been a better time to do business in the Thompson Okanagan. The economy is red hot and opportunities for success abound. But while everyone else talks about Vancouver, The Business Examiner focuses exclusively on what’s happening throughout the Thompson Okanagan – the true engine of BC’s economic growth.

Business Examiner readers are:

  • Smart
    71% have a post-secondary education
  • Astute
    They know how to manage (and make) money.
    • - 77% are homeowners
    • - Average household income $75,000
    • - $90,000 is the annual income of 30% of our readers
  • Almost perfectly matched
    53% of our readers are male while 47% are female.
  • A force to be reckoned with
    Over half of Business Examiner readers are in upper management or own their business.

The average age of our reader is between 45 and 54 years of age…

Want to be in front of business?
We’ll get you there…

Business Examiner directly reaches and appeals to the people who make the company’s purchasing decisions.

Business Examiner offers relevant, timely and researched community news with a comprehensive local business focus, information that matters to your customers.

Why advertise in the Business Examiner?

Business Examiner offers advertisers the widest reach, the greatest circulation and the highest frequency of any B2B publication in the Thompson Okanagan. Period.

Business Examiner provides one of the most inexpensive means of advertising to your market. On an advertising cost per thousand basis, we are one of the best in the industry.

Business Examiner has one of the most enviable read rates in the industry, putting you in front of Thompson Okanagan decision-makers each and every month. In fact 81% of our readers are business decision-makers.

Business Examiner provides significant captive data pertinent to your business. We offer relevant statistics, marketing opportunities, new business licenses and other valuable tools, some of which are not available in any other print publication. If your target market is business, you can feel confident that your clients are reading us.

Facts & figures:

  • Over half of all Business Examiner readers refer back
  • 61,200 - With a pass along rate of 3.4, we are the most heavily read business publication.
  • 25 minutes - Few newspapers are read as heavily as the Business Examiner. From cover to cover readers find information that is pertinent to their company’s operations.
  • 87 percent - Well over three-quarters of businesses that receive Business Examiner read every copy. Issue after issue, we put you in front of those readers.

Connecting Business with Business within the Thompson Okanagan

The Thompson Okanagan Business Examiner is delivered throughout the region to most businesses, where the “Daily” is delivered. In addition, it is available at numerous retail shops, most of which are listed below. We also mail via Canada Post to all business organizations, such as the Chambers of Commerce, Colleges, Universities and Associations in the Thompson Okanagan region.


Contact info:

Thompson Okanagan
Business Examiner

2495 Enterprise Way,
Kelowna, BC V1Z 7K2

Roy Kunicky
Advertising Consultant

T: (250) 763-8509 ext 218
T: 1-800-787-3308 ext 218