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With over 90 branches across Canada, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is a financial institution offering flexible, long-term financing and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. BDC also offers venture capital and subordinate financing to high-growth firms. Our long-term loans can help businesses increase their working capital and purchase fixed assets.

Eligibility Criteria

Companies with growth potential, a solid business plan, sound management team and a viable strategy. To be accepted, entrepreneurs need to have a commercially viable project. The BDC considers each request case by case.

Eligible Activities

Activities can be:

  • business expansion and improvements
  • facility overhauls
  • the purchase of existing businesses
  • the refinancing of loans
  • the acquisition of fixed assets
  • the reconstitution of depleted working capital
  • financing for the expansion of sales
Financing possibilities:

Activities can be:

  • Increase inventory to boost sales and receivables
  • Provide working capital required to develop new markets and products
  • Pay R&D costs associated with introducing new products or services
  • Finance development of e-commerce initiatives, such as software integrations
  • Implement a marketing plan or growth strategy
  • Explore new export market
  • Adopt quality management standards, such as ISO certifications and HACCP
  • Consulting services to help evaluate your export and technology needs in order to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business

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